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Datasets are about more than what’s in the rows and columns; they also have crucial metadata that gives context to the information you’re analyzing. Using more data gets easier when you can trace the origin, lineage, and delta of the data you’re using over time.

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Macro And Micro Quality Assurance

Accounting for changes in the way data is structured is difficult, and it can derail your entire project. Namara can see into the structure of the data, and even analyze individual cells to scan for anomalies. Configure customized alerts to make sure your team is never caught off-guard.

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Responsible Data Through Audit Trails

Ensuring the quality of our data and its provenance means our clients can rest easy. Our data audit trails cover the data from end-to-end and across updates, so we can assure the origin, validity, currency, and quality of the data. Namara supports data forensic activities like data-dependency analysis and data compromise detection through our system of data lineage.

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