Custom metadata management —
for everyone.

Metadata adds critical context to data so teams can use it to make quick and confident decisions. Metadata management solutions make it easy.

Screenshot of metadata interface on data catalog platform Screenshot of metadata interface on data catalog platform

Go beyond rows and columns to maximize your data

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Improve processes & outcomes

Fast, data-driven decisions rely on data that’s discoverable and usable. Append metadata to intelligence from any source and help your teams use data to their advantage.

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Meet regulatory requirements

Regulatory bodies demand the responsible use of customer data. Use metadata to make it clear how data can be used, and ensure total compliance.

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Drive digital transformation

Before you can leverage data for growth and innovation, you have to know what exists. A single, searchable source of truth for all your data assets can light the way on your path forward.


Take control of your data to do more

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Improve data quality

Metadata directly impacts the quality of your data and its potential to drive meaningful outcomes. Drive standards across your organization and make every dataset more discoverable, more useful, and more powerful.

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Enable data discovery

Orchestrate access to data and ensure that your analysts, engineers, and data scientists have what they need at their fingertips. This enhanced data discoverability delivers efficiencies that will delight your staff and customers. 

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Save time, reduce costs

Automating metadata management frees up time and resources and reduces errors, while delivering insights that can drive faster project deliveries and more consistent results. 

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Support data governance

Good data governance requires a strong metadata strategy. Reach data management excellence by adding detail and description to the datasets you depend on.

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Good governance = good business

Data governance isn’t a standalone idea, but a strategy that data-driven organizations can depend on. Learn why good data governance bodes well for your business.

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Rich features on a powerful catalog

Metadata fields in a data catalog platform

Custom metadata

Add any metadata to a dataset, including linking datasets, with special handling for recommended fields like cost and expiry.

Metadata template in data catalog platform

Metadata templates

Drive standards for the data in your organization, no matter the source, with templates that you configure.

Configure usage and permissions for data governance

Configure columns

Input schema descriptions within your datasets, tying metadata to the columns in any table.

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Data catalog

Connect active metadata from outside sources or export metadata using our API for an easy, streamlined flow of information.

Harness data to grow

If you’re ready to be more data-driven in everything you do, a modern data catalog platform is just the beginning. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Screenshot of organization datasets on the data catalog platform