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Data Catalog Platform
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Need to know what benefit a catalog solution could offer you? Find out with our calculator.

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Deliver insights

Discover new revenue opportunities with secure data delivery

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Data Governance Essentials Kit

Level up your data governance program with interactive guides and webinars from industry data leaders.

Data — virtualized and connected

Network distributed data, people, and tools through a central platform powerful enough to handle anything, and user-friendly enough for anyone.

Screenshot of importing data from an external source and data sharing access.

Go from warehouse to powerhouse in minutes

Build a virtualized catalog that keeps your teams connected to the data they need most.


Faster, easier connections, wherever data lives

Data sources

Our platform excels at connecting to any data, anywhere:

  • Virtualized datasets and warehouses
  • Open data, public data, external data, and alternative data
  • Data lakes and file servers
  • Direct file upload and local assets

Data collaboration

Data sharing offers huge advantages when it’s done right. Rally your teams around the data you need:

  • Central point of discovery for easy access and access control
  • Secure sharing enhances compliance
  • Integrate with data analytics and business intelligence tools

Dataset search, perfected

Finding the data you need wasn’t always easy — until now. Powerful capabilities enable elevated data discovery:

  • Find data faster by searching on metadata, columns, and more
  • Topics, teams, and templates to enhance data governance
  • Single source of truth takes the guess work out of versioned datasets
Fast Facts

Cross-cloud analytics

Most companies are taking advantage of multiple cloud environments. It’s critical that your data catalog supports your needs.







Accelerate your time-to-insight

Find the data you have

With a catalog platform that’s built for easy data discovery, we’re giving data scientists more time to build models and generate data-driven insights.

More data to more people

79% of professionals are using more external data year over year; get them the data they depend on quickly, consistently, and securely.

Connect to new data

Outside sources and alternative data don’t have to cause headaches. Ingest data from anywhere into your catalog in a standard way.

Scale data use efficiently

Optimizing your team and tools means bigger growth with lower overheads. More teams with more data generating more solutions — what could be better?

Logo_PWD by Snowflake

Powered By Snowflake

ThinkData Works is a cloud-native platform that integrates directly with your Snowflake Data Cloud. Do more than just virtualize instantly — pull high-value metadata into your catalog environment in a single click.

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Trusted by Google Cloud

Being on the Google Cloud Marketplace means that ThinkData Works provides a level of service, security, and performance that meets the exacting standards of one of the world's largest companies.

Graphic of whitepaper guide titled 7 Ways to Cut Costs & Add Value to Any Data

Don’t know where to start?

Here’s a handy guide that lays the foundations for getting the most out of a data catalog in any organization.

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Build pathways for data

Finding, discovering, and sharing data should always be this easy:

Streamlined data connections

Tap into any source of data: virtualized tables, external connectors, or direct upload.

Deep search

Find any data using metadata, columns, people, tags, and more.

Secure data distribution

Share with data professionals, management, and customers with confidence.

Screenshot of data catalog search with keyword and topic filters

Better access, better results

Ready to get more value from your data?


Unlock any data

Connect to any source and manage connections with less work. Get data from a warehouse, a website, or a one-off upload.


Control the flow

Easy discovery meets iron-clad security. Manage roles and data sharing on a platform that lets you dictate where data goes.


Focus on results

Reduce the overhead in connecting to new data sources and focus your team’s efforts on modeling and insights.

Let us help you optimize your data operations

Connecting to more data and running an efficient data program are not mutually exclusive. Request a demo from ThinkData Works to find out how to optimize spend and elevate insights.

Screenshot of data catalog platform with activity stats.