Trade Data

A competitive, end-to-end view of global trade

Gain unmatched intelligence and fuel your trade analysis and modelling by leveraging a rich and connected view of trade activity, seamlessly integrated into your existing environment.

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Trade Data designed for analysis


Standardized and project ready data deliveries

Save time on manual data prep with production-ready data and regular updates


End-to-end visibility of trade transactions

See the full journey of trade from shipment logistics to delivery status tracking

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Deep trade coverage up to 6-weeks prior to export

Gain a competitive edge with access to planned shipping details and routes


Giving our clients the edge

As trusted data experts, we deliver enrichment solutions into complex client environments. See some of the real-world examples of how you can use trade intelligence to get ahead:

Supply chain dependencies

Develop a dynamic view of your supply chain environment: map your supplier’s dependencies, model the impact of global events, and optimize your strategy before disruption.

Anti-money laundering (AML)

Generate a comprehensive map of global trade movement, and identify patterns and anomalies in trade activity to fight global organized crime. Learn about our AML data initiatives with Scotiabank.

Financial risk management

Fuel risk assessment and analysis with insight into companies engaged in international trade. Generate risk ratings, and leverage historical data to predict activity. 

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Partnership story

Supercharging modern data science teams

In partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, our trade data solution enables clients like Scotiabank to power programs for AML, climate change, and more.

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Do more with project-ready data

ThinkData Works delivers enterprise-grade data feeds to some of the world’s largest organizations in consulting, pharmaceutical, and banking. Book time with our data experts to get powerful and refined insights.

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