Comprehensive data observability

Get insights and alerts to make sure you can depend on data. Your business runs on data — keep it running with confidence.

Screenshot of data health monitoring charts for row and column changes Screenshot of data health monitoring charts for row and column changes
Data changes over time

Report on the health of your data anytime


See changes over time

Data is dynamic — it evolves, changes shape, and grows. See its evolution on a timeline to understand its overall health.


Create custom alerts

Small errors have big consequences. Get peace of mind: custom alerts notify you when values fall out of their expected range.


Zoom in on details

Data observability is more than row and column counts. Our connected dashboard delivers health metrics on every data point.

Data Health

Critical data intelligence — automated


Save data science time

Data professionals shine when they’re building data-fuelled solutions, but they spend as much as 80% of their time in data cleaning, data preparation, and verifying dataset health.


Real-time notifications

Tracking changes on updates means rerunning several manual processes. For high-velocity data with frequent updates, managing data quality becomes a full-time job.

Collab - Outlined

From cell to schema

Ensure your team can track data changes, no matter their magnitude. Get visibility on new columns, null values, and more at the click of a button.


Consistent deliveries

One mistake in a dataset update can erode trust in your data products; if you distribute data, you need a way to ensure that it is up-to-date and accurate, always.

Screenshot of creating a new rule for data monitoring notifications

Need a check-up?

We take data health seriously. Whether you need powerful tools to track data health, or the expert advice of a company that runs on data, book a consultation with us today.

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Screenshot of data health monitoring of supply chain trade data

The clearest picture of your data

See how easy it is to look under the hood at the information you depend on

Front and center

Crafting an alert is simple, even if your logic needs to be complex.

Macroscopic views

See the data at a glance: changes to columns, row counts, and more.

Data quality deep-dive

Fine details for power users who need to know the data inside and out.

Observability Dashboard

A critical component of DataOps


A bird’s-eye view

ThinkData Works unlocks rapid and simplified access to health metrics that make it easy for anyone on your team to understand.


No more runaways

Spot errors, not problems: when data deliveries count on quality, you need observability integrated into your catalog.


Consistent & fast

Help your data team become a well-oiled machine — improve both project outcomes and time-to-market.

Need a better data catalog?

Data observability is just one piece of the puzzle, and just one of the many solutions we offer. Reach out to us to book a demo to see our end-to-end platform.

Screenshot of a data catalog list and data activity stats