The foundation for strong data governance

Having full control and awareness of your data is critical. Build structure and oversight that make compliance a piece of cake.

Screenshot of data catalog activity dashboard with weekly metrics, most active datasets and members, and activity feed Screenshot of data catalog activity dashboard with weekly metrics, most active datasets and members, and activity feed
Governance done right

Get full visibility into data and how it flows


Airtight audit trail

Bring transparency to data sharing and access on a central platform connecting teams, data, and usage.


Clean bill of health

With so many moving parts, it can be hard to ensure data consistency and quality. Data health monitoring tools deliver full confidence.


Track data usage

See granular details about what data is being used, and how. A connected dashboard gives you direct line-of-sight into data access.

Build your foundation

Confidence in compliance


Meet any data privacy regulations

Government regulations for data security, data residency, and data control affect every jurisdiction. ThinkData Works lets you meet stringent requirements with ease. 


Practice data governance at scale

Put intelligent systems in place — with a central platform and flexible data governance framework, your teams get secure, compliant access to any data.


See the full picture

Transparency is power. A single source of truth reduces duplicate spend, provides clear data health and update intelligence, and gives you higher confidence in any data.


Protect your investments

Enforcing strong governance means trackable, managed data. Grant secure access, create custom metadata, and understand how data is being used. 


Tailor your approach

No two companies are the same; we offer an extensible data management platform with role-based permissions and granular access control.


Improve ROI

Confidence in regulatory compliance and data health is just the beginning. Strong data governance lets you unlock the value of data to grow your business.

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Go beyond data policies

A strong data governance framework fuels innovation. See how your people and technology can come together to support your growth.

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Screenshot of metadata templates used in an organization
The future of business

Strong data culture starts here

Data-driven companies depend on:

Precise control

Model your org structure with role-based access controls and teams.

Secure sharing

Fuel smarter collaboration on a secure, central platform.

Deep usage insights

Inform your strategy with metadata around data usage, access, and management.

Ready to do more with data?

With a strong foundation in place, you can accelerate data-driven innovation. Get in touch to see what else our end-to-end platform can do for you.

Screenshot of most active dataset members and data activity stats