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Data lineage solutions for a clear view

Trace data's path from raw to refined, map relationships for greater transparency, and get critical information from error reporting.

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Column-level details on data from source to solution

Watch the video below, and see in less than one minute how fast and easy it is to understand your data better:



Review, target, and manage linked datasets with ease

Data quality and trust

Lineage from ThinkData Works consistently improves your data's value:

  • Ensures data accuracy and integrity, no matter the source
  • Enables identification and resolution of data issues
  • Enhances confidence in data-driven decision making

Compliance and auditing

Avoid costly fines and create repeatable processes for better governance:

  • Enables traceability and accountability of data for compliance purposes
  • Facilitates auditability and regulatory reporting
  • Helps organizations meet data governance and privacy requirements

Data governance

Simplified governance is just one benefit of adopting a platform with data lineage:

  • Supports data lifecycle management from creation to retirement
  • Facilitates data lineage mapping from multiple sources without ETL
  • Enables data discovery, lineage visualization, and impact analysis
Fast Facts

The changing data landscape





Get value from direct and detailed lineage

Upstream and downstream

Look in any direction to find connections among your datasets. Get a holistic picture of relationships and your ecosystem to understand data's components.

Focused for clarity

Seeing a knowledge graph is fun — but its utility is limited. Our approach to lineage allows you to key in on specific data to find where it comes from and where it's going.

Data compliance

More and more companies list lineage as an absolute must-have feature for internal policies and government regulations.

Find issues faster

Getting visibility into data means any error is surfaced immediately. See how upstream integration issues propagate to analysis and modelling.

Graphic of whitepaper guide titled 7 Ways to Cut Costs & Add Value to Any Data

Don’t know where to start?

Here’s a handy guide that lays the foundations for getting the most out of a data catalog in any organization.

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Why ThinkData Works?

We offer unique value to companies who need data lineage embedded in their operations:

Transformation transparency

We prioritize the relationships between datasets to help you see every link in the chain.

Lineage for any source

You don't have to use our (top-tier) ETL to get lineage. Map data from any source or warehouse.

Streamlined user experience 

An interface designed for humans, with a backend robust enough for companies of any size. We give you the best of both worlds.

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Better visibility, better results

Prepare to get better results and greater value in less time

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Clear visibility into data's journey, offering a comprehensive understanding of its origins, transformations, and usage.

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Easily demonstrate regulatory compliance, enable accountability, and meet data governance requirements.

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Identify inaccuracies faster and make reliable, informed decisions based on trustworthy information.

Let us help you optimize your data operations

Adding visibility without adding complexity — sound like a pipe dream? Let us show you how easy it could be. Request a demo from ThinkData Works today.

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