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Data Catalog Platform
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Calculate your ROI

Need to know what benefit a catalog solution could offer you? Find out with our calculator.

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Deliver insights

Discover new revenue opportunities with secure data delivery

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Data Governance Essentials Kit

Level up your data governance program with interactive guides and webinars from industry data leaders.

Unlock growth with data monetization

The appetite for external data has skyrocketed. Make the most of the data you're generating by using a data monetization platform to unlock new revenue streams.

Screenshot of datasets shared with various users and organizations.

Data distribution platform

Generate new revenue from data

Connected Data

Connect any data

Avoid complex delivery mechanisms or a disruptive lift-and-shift. Our data distribution platform plugs into your existing infrastructure.

Data Check

Deliver convenience

Securely send data where it needs to be. Granular controls and handy features like export restrictions help you control who uses what data and how.


Expand revenue opportunities

When data is easier to distribute, it’s easier to monetize. Maintain a single source of truth and link customers to data directly on a clean, easy-to-use platform.


The global data monetization market





The easiest way to monetize data

More control, lower costs

Our platform makes it easy to manage more data deliveries with less stress. Add customer organizations, limit rows, restrict columns, and anonymize data easily. 

Security and protection

Put all your data in one place — manageable, accessible, secure, and shareable through a single point of control that can enable your anonymity as a data provider.

A captive audience

Tap into an established and growing network of clients and provide data buyers with controlled, self-serve access to your products.

Sales that scale

With a secure mechanism for distributing data in a repeatable and scalable way, it’s easy to expand data sales as you uncover new opportunities driven by usage insights.

Start selling your data today

Driving new revenue with your data is simpler than you think. See how to monetize quickly and securely without overhauling your operation.

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Screenshot of dataset shares to users, organizations, and groups.

Screenshot of most active datasets, and charts for dataset row and column changes.


Get more value from your data

Keep it fresh

Monitoring tools ensure data health, and source-aware updates deliver up-to-date data to your clients with ultra-low maintenance.

Enrich every data point

Depend on automated cleansing, combine your own datasets, or add outside data sources to build unique data products tailored to your audience.

Simplify data sales

Enlist our services and tap our client roster — which includes some of the largest financial, insurance, consulting, and pharmaceutical enterprises in the world.

Find expansion opportunities

Insights into shared data usage give you a competitive edge. Monitor how data is flowing, so you can make better decisions and uncover new revenue streams.

What else can your data do?

McKinsey says 99% of all data is never analyzed. Are you making the most of the data you have?

From data observability to data enrichment, our platform helps you be data-driven in everything you do. Get in touch to explore the possibilities.