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Features that power data-driven organizations

Our data catalog platform is packed with features that make managing data simpler, more secure, and more efficient.



Data Connections

Easily connecting data, people, and tools through a central platform.

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Data virtualization

Data virtualization for zero-migration cataloging from warehouses like Google BigQuery, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, Vertica, or Drill. Watch a 90-second demo →

Cloud connectors

Connect to data where it resides, with support for public clouds, SFTP/FTP, and connecting directly to external websites (HTTP). Browse all connectors →

Scheduled data imports

Ensure data is continuously updated and accurate with automatic scheduled data gathering.

Find data faster

Advanced search directly in your catalog. Locate data using title, source, columns, metadata, and more.

File upload

Easily connect to data from a local source with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

Purpose-built ETL

Ingest data through an ETL pipeline that automatically neutralizes data variety and stores it in a standard, efficient format.

File type support

Normalize, centralize, and manage any file type, including: CSV, TSV, PSV, FWF, XLS, XLSX, JSON, XML, GeoJSON, SHP, and archive files such as ZIP.

Link your data, teams, and tools

Centralize the data you need and the people who need it on a catalog platform.

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Metadata Management

Organize your growing data program and ensure your assets have descriptive metadata that helps you find, track, and use data better.

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Active metadata

Create any kind of metadata you need through the app, an API, or automated metadata harvesting.

Dataset customization

Customize uploaded data by editing and revising the title, description, column names, and more.

Custom metadata

Build your ideal structures with custom fields that allow you to attach any metadata to any dataset.

Metadata templates

Create consistency and accelerate your cataloging by giving your team standard sets of metadata for any dataset.

High-value metadata tracking

Recommended fields enhance key metadata attributes. Get increased visibility into critical insights like license cost and expiry.

Dataset classification

Find and catalog data quickly by adding dataset topics that group related datasets for easy discovery.

Data Sharing

Unlock superior and secure collaboration opportunities for individuals and groups inside or outside of your organization.

Share data with ease

Frictionless sharing makes delivering data to users, configured teams, and anyone outside the organization secure and simple.

Direct sharing

Share data one-to-one in the platform to put data in the hands of individual users.

Team sharing

Share data cross-functionally with configured teams that mirror your organizational structure.

External sharing

Share any view of data, even to people and teams outside of your organization.

Manage shares

Control the flow of data by sharing filtered or restricted views, auditing access permissions, and revoking permissions easily.

Data Governance

Smart, secure, and intuitive controls for managing the flow of data through your organization.

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Data Management 


Increase collaboration and simplify data management by creating teams that simulate your organization’s structure.

Tracked dataset updates

Safeguard your analysis and models by tracking and managing dataset versions when schemas and structures change.

Functional dataset tags

Tag datasets when rows within a dataset update to provide context, clarity, and data science reproducibility.


Role-Based Access Control

Data manager

Import and curate datasets, create and manage topics, and add metadata and metadata templates.

Organization manager

Manage the organization by adding members, determining their permission levels, and removing them from the organization.

Activity manager

View organization activities, including datasets and the activity dashboard.


Regulate each aspect of the platform, including data, organization, and activity management.

Customized access

Grant specific data permissions and tailor the access given to any member of your organization.

Take control of your data

Investing in data governance fuels innovation and increases return on investment.

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Data Security

Protecting data from unauthorized access, data corruption, and theft.

2-factor authentication

Meet standard security protocols and build trust with two-factor authentication.

Protect private data

Protect your data and meet privacy and security requirements with data that's encrypted in transit and at rest.

Usage auditing

Get visibility into catalog access to ensure that data is only in the hands of the users who need it.

Control data usage

Retain control over data usage and increase security by disabling exports.

Single sign-on

Provide easy and secure access to your data catalog with single sign-on integrations.

Certified security practices

SOC 2 and Cyber Essentials certification guarantees your organization can rely on industry-leading standards for security.

Revokable access

Easy and immediate control over user, team, or organization level data shares.

More details

See our security page for more information.

Data Enrichment

Enhance data as soon as it starts flowing through your ecosystem.

Enrichment on Ingest

Streamline connections

Add new, trusted data to your ecosystem easily.

Customize data

Add new columns to a dataset and rename columns on the underlying data.

Extract key intelligence

Define and extract information from within a cell using regular expressions.

Create new columns

Take an input from any column and define a new one to spotlight critical intelligence.


Enrichment Integrations

Google Geocoding

Plot datasets on a map by enriching your dataset with latitude, longitude, postal code and more.


Universal identifiers allow you to match external data to those in your organization using unique fields.


Enhance your insights with SMB data — over 70M full profiles of small- to medium-sized businesses.

Google DLP

Universal identifiers allow you to match external data to those in your organization using unique fields.

Data Quality & Monitoring

Understand more about how your data changes, how it's used, and how it provides value.

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Data quality scoring

Get a comprehensive summary of your data utility, data health, and usage activity in one simplified, connected view. Watch a demo  →

Data health monitoring dashboard

Improve decision-making and data quality on an integrated data health monitoring dashboard. 

Custom alerts

Find issues sooner with custom alerts on data updates, using simple rules or complex conditions.

Activity dashboard

Understand data usage, access, and value on a connected dashboard with granular insights. Watch a demo →

Turn data use into insight

Stay ahead of the 78% of companies who are unable to quantify the value of their data.

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Data Integration

Integrate data directly into leading visualization and business intelligence tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Excel. 

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Custom connectors

Establish powerful, stable data integrations with the JDBC/ODBC driver.

Geospatial querying

Power enhanced data science with geospatial support within API queries.

Platform Integrations

Integrate data directly into leading visualization and business intelligence tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Excel. 

Control data usage

Retain control over data usage and increase security by disabling exports.

Data API

Create robust queries in familiar syntax with a SQL-based API.

Software development kits

SDKs and functionality in Python, Ruby, & cURL.

Revokable access

Easy and immediate control over user, team, or organization level data shares.

Data science tools

Combine live data from your catalog and notebook applications like Jupyter.

Data Architecture

Create an IT infrastructure framework that supports your data strategy.

Cloud native & multi-cloud support

Deployable in any cloud environment, like Google Cloud Platform or AWS.


Multi-warehouse support

Connect to multiple warehouses and environments to maximize storage efficiency, comply with privacy regulations, and more.


Configure your deployment

Tailored deployment options give you the flexibility to adopt a managed, hybrid, or private deployment of our platform.

Unlock the value of data

More insight from more places — our platform makes it possible

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