Expand access with a data trust

Equitable access to data is more important than ever. A neutral data trust and central data commons let open data flow between citizens, governments, and third parties.

Screenshot of a data catalog platform with custom user access permissions Screenshot of a data catalog platform with custom user access permissions
Infographic of centralized data flow using a data trust

What is a data trust?

And more importantly, how can a data trust help your business?

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Open by design

Make it easy to find, use, and share public data


One-stop solution

Support powerful data science and citizen accessibility using a neutral, centralized data commons to manage data access.


Accessibility meets security

Facilitate the free flow of open data, protect privacy in sensitive data, and maintain control where it’s needed.


360-degree monitoring

Enhance transparency, auditability, and compliance with processes managed by an independent third party for improved data stewardship.

Data commons

Stay open and in control


Trust in a neutral third party

Take advantage of a data stewardship vehicle that provides single-pane access and sophisticated connectors to any data.


Protect sensitive information

We manage access to sensitive public data with row- and column-level permissions that ensure security, compliance, and control.


Standardize data effortlessly

The ThinkData Works platform ingest pipeline is trained on more than 250,000 public datasets to recognize, standardize, and reformat data automatically.


Monitor consistency and quality

Real-time analysis of data flowing through the system tracks and reports on changes in quality and quantity, ensuring consistent data observability.

Tailored data operations

Not sure where to start? Our team can help you architect your data strategy to balance transparent discovery, secure access, and thorough reporting.

Screenshot of data catalog search with keyword and metadata filters and most active data users

Power sophisticated data products

Discover data

Find the data you need with catalog search and dataset filtering.

Connect easily

Users plug into data through the data commons, API, or query service.

Fuel insights

Easy integration with analytics solutions lets you visualize and share intelligence.

Client spotlight

Collective success through data sharing

Legal Innovation Data Institute lowers legal data access barriers in Canada by granting secure data access through a single portal, backed by ThinkData Works’ strengths in processing, standardizing, and delivering data.

Put your data in the right hands

If you want to securely deliver data where it’s needed, our end-to-end platform is designed to help. Get in touch to see for yourself.

Screenshot of sharing data externally with custom filters and permissions