The real value of data in your organization

The Activity Dashboard, built directly in your catalog, turns data use into actionable insights.

Screenshot of data activity for most active datasets and members Screenshot of data activity for most active datasets and members
Data usage intelligence

Understanding data’s value means knowing how it’s used


Track data’s utility

Understand how data moves, how it’s used, and ultimately determine what value it adds to your teams.

ROI - Outlined

Purchase with purpose

Knowing the data that’s most valuable helps you understand and justify data investments while minimizing ineffective spend.


Enable governance & compliance

Data lineage and access auditing become simple operations when they’re tied directly to your data catalog.

Improve data transparency

Tell the story with interactive data visualization


No more gambling on data

The Activity Dashboard empowers decision makers, and equips them with the necessary information to make informed choices when it comes to data purchases. 


Stamp out inefficiencies

Do you know how many datasets you’re not making use of? It’s a higher number than you might want to believe. Separate the data you need and the data you don’t.

ROI - Outlined

Clearer paths to revenue

By tying data to projects and exploring the Activity Dashboard, it becomes easy to understand which initiatives are paying off. Quantify ROI like never before.


Ensure compliance, always

A running record of the way data is used means avoiding serious fines and strengthening trust amongst your consumers, clients, and partners.

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Activity dashboard demo and walkthrough video
Eager to see it in action?

Our activity dashboard is easy to use and packed with critical intelligence.

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Screenshot of data catalog activity with weekly stats, most active datasets, and user activity feed
Intuitive interface

Usage insights — faster & easier

Whether it’s an overview or a thin slice, our dashboard lets you see it all

Activity feed

An at-a-glance view of the moves your teams and data are making.

Super stats

Get the numbers on activity on any filtered view of your usage data.

Leading the pack

See which data and members are the most active in your organization.

Smarter operations

Data (value) discovery


See the bigger picture

Notice patterns in the way data is used to find out how to make it work better for every data professional on your team.


Accurate & timely

With data usage monitored directly in the catalog platform, and pinpoint precision filtering, it’s the best way to understand data use.


Invest strategically

We’re a data procurement team’s best friend — it’s easy to track outcomes and justify spend with an integrated usage dashboard.

Need to see for yourself?

Find out just how powerful our Activity Dashboard is. Book a demo to see it in action and learn how you can improve the return on your data investments by gaining new, critical data insights.

Screenshot of most active members of a dataset with share and export stats