People Data

Global population data to power your analysis

Take your demographics intelligence from raw to refined with ThinkData Works. Go from scattered datasets from dozens of portals to a single source of truth for demographics intelligence in your preferred regions and topics of focus.

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Standardized and privacy-compliant demographics data for reliable insights

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Easy integration of external data

Geospatial columns allow you to seamlessly overlay People Data into your ecosystem.


Visibility into 40+ countries on a level playing field

See valuable demographics from major nations through a standard schema.

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Added enrichments to supercharge insights

Add custom sentiment and survey data to zero in on your specific needs.


Real-world data, real-world results

Accurate. Efficient. Easy. See how our people data can improve outcomes and drive results:

Clinical trial site selection

Pharmaceutical companies need specific populations to ensure optimal and balanced results in drug and treatment trials. People Data reveals key and standardized ethnographic details for populations around the world.

Automated approval processes

Insurance, loans, and leases all need approval — a process rife with manual work. Financial, health, and geospatial information layered into a single data product moves the needle ahead in approval automation goals.

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Make the most out of your data investments

Acquiring data is just the first step. In this guide, learn how to build a strategy around your data and maximize your data ROI.

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Do more with project-ready data

ThinkData Works delivers enterprise-grade data feeds to some of the world’s largest organizations in consulting, pharmaceutical, and banking. Book time with our data experts to get powerful and refined insights.

People data from US, Canada, and China on the ThinkData Works Catalog