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“The ThinkData Works data catalog provides our team with a central place for data access and discovery, reducing the overhead on researchers while enabling rapid data analysis and modelling.”

Fanny Sie, Roche

Fanny Sie
Strategic Healthcare Partner, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health

ThinkData Works brings powerful solutions to data-driven teams

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Success story

Powering anti-money laundering at Scotiabank

Unlocking the ability to flow reliable data from Dun & Bradstreet through to anti-money laundering (AML) departments, ThinkData Works powers new modelling and analytical potential for one of Canada’s largest banks.

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Yearly Revenue

Predictive modelling for AML programs

Trade Data , Data Enrichment

Success story

Transformative decision-making power with a data catalog

Roche organizes clinical trials and studies that span the entire globe — understanding regional populations is critical to site selection. ThinkData Works equips global teams with standardized and centralized data intelligence.

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Yearly Revenue

Complex health data from disparate sources

Data Catalog , Data Services


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The use of various datasets and standards made it virtually impossible to paint an organization-wide picture of departmental spending on a vendor-by-vendor basis. ThinkData Works solved this by flipping a switch.
Chief Information Officer
at Federal Government Treasury Board
Our relationship with ThinkData Works gives us the ability to access data at scale as well, as give us the representations and warranties we need to embed public data into our assets on a repeatable basis.
Lead, Data & Analytics
at Multinational Consulting Firm
ThinkData allows us to aggregate data from organizations in our network, and to disseminate these products for collaboration and use... We enabled our network of employees, researchers, and citizen data scientists to access data securely through a single portal.
VP of Technology
at Tech Not-for-Profit organization
Deploying ThinkData's technology enabled us to quickly put data processing into production. This meant we could spend more time on building better products and creating data-driven revenue.
Executive Vice President
at Commercial Real Estate Technology company
Partnering with ThinkData has allowed us to look at our data as a core asset that can power the growth of our business...we now spend less time worrying about the cleansing/prepping required to turn data insight.
Senior Director
at Supply Chain Technology company



Success story

Building a dynamic data engine for supply chain resiliency

In partnership with NGen and Palantir Technologies Canada, ThinkData Works is to developing an industry-wide platform to help manufacturers predict, prevent, and mitigate disruptions.

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Yearly Revenue

Supply chain visibility and risk analysis

Trade Data , Data Enrichment

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