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Data Catalog Platform
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Need to know what benefit a catalog solution could offer you? Find out with our calculator.

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Deliver insights

Discover new revenue opportunities with secure data delivery

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Data Governance Essentials Kit

Level up your data governance program with interactive guides and webinars from industry data leaders.


Integrations & Connector Support

Connect our data catalog to the warehouses, analytics dashboards, and BI tools that you depend on for insights

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Bring data into your catalog no matter where it resides, with automated warehouse discovery and virtualization to support compliant operations.

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Data science

Run efficient and consistent data science practices by streaming live data into platforms, IDEs, and libraries.



Dashboards help bring data to life — take advantage of connectors that consistently deliver data where you need it, so you're always seeing the latest intelligence.

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Data Sources

Cloud Storage, Databases, Warehouses, Lakes, and more.

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Security (SSO) Tools

Unlock the value of data

More insight from more places — our platform makes it possible

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