The foundation of AI and machine learning

For artificial intelligence and machine learning projects to succeed, you need reliable data that’s easy to access and integrate. We can help.

Screenshot of datasets on data catalog platform with direct integration icons Screenshot of datasets on data catalog platform with direct integration icons

Fuel your AI & ML engines with clean data

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Maximize your investments

Investing in AI and ML initiatives is risky without knowing your data is ready to deliver. Our solution prioritizes data quality, governance, and usability to ensure better results and ROI.

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Empower your team

Allow your data-enabled teams to grow. With a data catalog platform automating laborious tasks, your teams get more time, data, and fuel to move critical projects forward.

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Continuously improve and grow

AI and ML tools improve data quality, and good data improves the effectiveness of AI and ML tools. With every new project, the cycle repeats, opening up opportunities for exponential growth.


What you put in is what you get out

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Work with enriched data

Standardize schemas, pivot around common attributes, and take advantage of data enrichment services to unlock the potential in AI.

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Understand dataset health

Leverage built-in tools to analyze datasets and automate quality checks that warn you when values fall out of expected ranges.

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Move data more effectively

Standardize how data feeds into your models. Take another step towards a unified ecosystem and process to streamline your efforts.

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Keep things fresh

Maintain data reproducibility with historical schema versions you can use until you’re ready for the latest changes.

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Are your AI projects stalling?

The foundation of good AI is great data, and the foundation of great data is strong governance. See how governance can improve project outcomes here.

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Data-fuelled solutions

Empowering AI & ML

Drag-and-drop interface for importing data

Ingest pipeline

Leverage an ingest pipeline purpose-built to neutralize data variety, no matter the source.

Revision tracking interface

Revision tracking

Flow back and forth in time to capture a point-in-time snapshot of the data you need.

Status updates on data connections

Virtualize data

Use external tables in the catalog platform to bring the same power and functionality to data in any warehouse.

Platform integrations with logos

Direct integrations

Connect to IDEs and data science toolkits in a few clicks, and stream clean data into powerful solutions easily.

Discover the possibilities of data automation

If your AI and ML projects aren’t delivering what they promised, poor data quality could be to blame. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Screenshot of import configuration interface on data catalog platform