Get the most out of teams and tools with data indexing

Organizations are using more data than ever, so mapping your data ecosystem is essential. Enlist ThinkData Works to help track, monitor, and operationalize the data that powers your business.

Centralize and optimize

The first step to becoming data-driven

Massive improvements to transparency

Seeing a consolidated list of data assets and expenditures will help you understand what data drives value and where there's room to optimize spend and redundant effort.

More value, less effort

By rolling up all data assets into an inventory, you allow more people to take advantage of the datasets you already have access to without adding overhead.

The foundation for cataloging

Want to achieve automation through AI? Need to understand data lineage? Trying to build master data records? It all starts with knowing what you have and how to use it.

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Centralized data, no matter the source

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Improve accessibility

A single source of truth for every source you connect to that allows teams to find and access data faster.

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Operationalize data

Make data more valuable and more searchable with descriptive metadata and templates that drive standards among your distributed teams.

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Eliminate redundancy

Data can accumulate quickly. Uncover duplicate spend and optimize your data procurement strategy.


Creating a central connection point for any data

With ThinkData Works, you can achieve a single source of truth without a major overhaul of your existing systems. Start where you are and layer on intelligent data management

Find & catalog data

We’ll unearth all the data your team is connecting to, whether it’s flowing from in or outside of your organization.

Layer intelligence

Design and append custom metadata templates on top of your data index — no migration necessary.

Monitor and report

Understand how data is being used with our tools, and get tangible ROI metrics on your data purchasing.

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Tap into data’s potential

Getting data organized is just the first step. Learn how to maximize your current data investments and accelerate your data strategy.

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Put data to work — with help from experts

Data is an incredible resource, but it’s only as valuable as it is usable and trackable. You could be getting more out of your data. Start your data journey with ThinkData Works, and architect a data index that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

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