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Discover new revenue opportunities with secure data delivery

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Data Governance Essentials Kit

Level up your data governance program with interactive guides and webinars from industry data leaders.

From warehouse to powerhouse — fast

Virtualize entire warehouses and harvest rich metadata automatically. Data warehouse discovery connects your team to more sources with less downtime.

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Data catalog with automatic warehouse discovery from Big Query, Vertica, and Snowflake

One operation, three benefits

Get value from data quickly & easily


Data Virtualization

Access and query an entire warehouse from a central platform — without ever moving the data.


Metadata Harvesting

Automatically gather metadata from your warehouse and start using it in a catalog environment.


Table Discovery

An entire warehouse, virtualized in a single click. Centralize control over decentralized data.

Can't wait to see it in action?

Build a virtualized catalog in seconds — watch the video.

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Faster time-to-insight

Strengthen insights with better data access

A one-click way to catalog your data

Simplify data management and improve efficiency by eliminating manual metadata entry for each dataset in your catalog.

Open a window to the data warehouse

Empower your teams with valuable insights from your data to drive better decision-making and business outcomes.

Catalog your data without moving it

Sidestep costly and time-consuming data migrations — enable better management of data assets while reducing data quality risks.


Data sharing ecosystems offer:


better productivity and efficiency


reduction in costs
Evaluating your data solutions?

Make the most out of your data management toolkit

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Virtualized connection to the ThinkData Works catalog platform

Helping you use data faster, smarter, and securely

No more doubling data

Duplicate copies of data eat up time, drive up costs, and are a huge data quality issue. Adopt a tool that lets you manage data from a single source of truth.

Reduce manual intervention

Scan and import data tables effortlessly, enabling users to access the catalog without any manual intervention. Not only will you save time, you'll also minimize the risk of errors.

Don't miss out on hidden opportunities within your data

Request a demo from ThinkData Works to find out how to take the most out of your data and unlock new insights.

Connected data on the ThinkData Works data catalog platform