An enterprise data catalog platform

ThinkData Works has built a robust, user-friendly data management solution that enhances the flow of data throughout any organization.

Unlock the value of your data investments and boost your team’s efficiency with flexible cataloging, self-service access to trusted data, and intuitive governance.

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Screenshot of a data catalog table, custom user permissions, and user activity Screenshot of a data catalog table, custom user permissions, and user activity
Screenshot of data imports from a warehouse and customizable metadata fields for user restrictions and licenses

Manage & organize data from anywhere

Lay the foundations for enterprise data management that scales:

Get a unified view

Connect live external sources, existing warehouses, or static data snapshots from local files.

Neutralize data variety

Clean, combine, and customize ingested data with automation to save time and create project-ready assets.

Mega-rich metadata

Optimize and organize data with custom metadata templates.

Screenshot of data search and filters and data health monitoring notifications

Make every data point more valuable

Make use of a data platform that enriches data at every stage of the lifecycle:

Richer data products

Add value to data with custom and templated metadata, enhanced discoverability, and powerful governance tools.

Single source of truth

Ensure quality & consistency from a central hub — one place for every dataset, no matter the source.

Proven data reliability

Trust the data with import statuses, a health observability dashboard, and custom alerts.

Screenshot of data activity usage, access, and existing data shares to users and groups

Data where you need it, when you need it

Direct and control access to data, inside or outside your organization:

Solution integrations

Use live data in visualizations, dashboards, models, and analysis. Connect leading applications or build custom products with a rich data API.

Simplified and standard

Distribute data to individual users, teams, or entire organizations. Clear, secure, and revocable shares give you ultimate control.

Reduce spend on data

Stamp out data redundancies with organization-wide discovery. Understand data ROI by monitoring activity and usage.

Deploying ThinkData Works at Altus Group enabled us to quickly put data processing into production. This meant we could spend more time on building better products and creating data-driven revenue.”

Photo of Ed Orlik, CIO, Technology & Development at Atlus Group

Ed Orlik,
CIO, Technology & Development at Altus Group

Photo of Ed Orlik, CIO, Technology & Development at Atlus Group

Ed Orlik,
CIO, Technology & Development at Altus Group

Achievable data ROI

How do we add value to your organization?


Empowered data science

A talent shortage makes moving fast difficult. ThinkData Works allows teams to find & use data to deliver solutions efficiently.


Smarter procurement

Optimization is the key — and our catalog platform offers insights for smarter purchasing, consolidation, and efficiency.


Better data, better results

Data is no fad, it’s here to stay. A scalable, governable platform connecting your teams to data is a key pillar to your organization’s growth.

Screenshot of adding usage restriction metadata
Data harmony

Unrivaled transparency & iron-clad security

Share, discover, and deliver data with the highest standards of encryption, protection, and control. Maintain and analyze an audit trail of sharing and access activity.

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Data integrations for the enterprise

Power your data intelligence teams by giving them a platform that connects to critical data analysis, visualization, business intelligence, and data science development environments:

Build your data culture on a secure foundation

Data is a moving target — an evolving landscape with new tools, terms, and technology. Strip away the jargon and get a platform that makes it easier to find the data you want, and turn it into the insights you need. We unlock:

  • Faster, easier, standard connections to data
  • Automated enrichments to make data more valuable
  • A standard way to plug data into any solution
Request a demo and see how you can get more value from your data investments.

Screenshot of organization's data catalog platform