Data enrichment: build connections and unlock insights

Enhancing data makes exponential increases to its value. Add new intelligence to get data that’s so much more than the sum of its parts.

Screenshot of data table with metadata creation Screenshot of data table with metadata creation
Connected data

Create robust, extensible data products


More usable

Enriching data makes it more applicable in more use cases, and increases the value of data you already have.

ConnectedData - Outlined

More connectible

Build master data records on common identifiers and get robust products that accelerate time-to-insights.


More powerful

In data, 1+1=11. The insights you can generate from enriched data are deeper, smarter, and higher quality.

Automated improvements

Bigger insights, smaller overheads


Save data science time

Enrich data on its way into the catalog to make light work of heavy tasks. Deliver project-ready data products to every individual and team in your organization.


Reduced tool transfer

There are unique solutions for every stage in the data lifecycle — and massive inefficiencies. Adopt best practices and consolidate your view with a data management platform.


Data quality, going up

Centralizing your data operations means lowering your risk of errors and data leakage. Better data and better practices lead to better results every time.


Part of the data fabric

Consider your entire data pipeline; shouldn’t it be easier? A data fabric supports data enrichment alongside discovery, efficiency, delivery, and compliance.

Screenshot of custom roles for data access permissions

Concerned about governance?

We’ve got you covered. Our catalog platform provides role-based access controls and secure, auditable sharing to support governance best practices.

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Screenshots of external data ingest with custom metadata
Greater Potential

Make data better and better

ThinkData Works improves data quality and enhances intelligence.

Enhance on ingest

Improve data quality the instant it’s in the ThinkData Works Platform.

Entity resolution

A powerful machine learning solution to the complexity of record linkage

Data science expertise

Our team is here to help build custom solutions to meet your needs.

Big data gains

Why enrich data with us?


Less downtime

We are a part of your team, and we want your projects to be successful, fast. Make the best use of all of your data resources.


More diversity

New sources add new complexity — so let us handle it. Start using data from anywhere to get holistic, actionable insights.


Big results

Some of the largest consulting, pharmaceutical, and financial institutions in the world depend on ThinkData Works.

Does your data work for you?

Data enrichment is just one way that ThinkData Works makes every piece of data more valuable to your organization. Reach out to us today to book a demo.

Screenshot of metadata templates used in an organization