The clearest, most intuitive transformation engine


Bring varied data together into a unified schema

Merge together a variety of datasets into an ideal schema and tailor everything to suit your needs. With Unity, build the schema you need or base it on an existing dataset, and get a normalized schema across all the data you’re working with. Customize and configure with any of our transformation nodes to create perfect data products.

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Clear transformations of data from one schema to another

Using the intuitive GUI, Unity allows you to create or select your ideal schema and make real, visual connections between datasets. Unity has powerful capabilities, with dozens of built-in transformation nodes for common operations and your own custom script nodes for anything else. See the data change before your very eyes.

Use perfect data anywhere


One-step data enrichment

Easily geocode from an address for geospatial support, add Data Loss Protection (DLP) for added security, or unlock Master Data Management capabilities. Enrich data in a few clicks with other services like Refinitiv PermID for easy integration. Make external requests from both public domain and Namara to access additional data in Unity.

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Data enrichment