Data Integration

Data flowing through your organization with ease, efficiency, and simplicity.

Get More By Using Less

We’ve created a layer of data normalization that not only brings together data, but all of your services, BI, and analysis tools. Namara data is accessible through a queryable API, capable of robust operations like filters and joins. Our tools give you the simplest way to integrate complex solutions - cloud-scalable and working in tandem.

Plug in to perfect data easily
More tools make more work - Namara is a simple solution

Multiply The Value Of Every Data Point

Integrating your own data into the Namara ecosystem ensures the security, currency, and mobility of your data. Any Namara data can be merged, enriched, and linked to create rich data products and smart solutions. Enhance every dataset by increasing its accessibility within your organization.

Build perfect data products
Countless data sets stacked on top of each other

Single Point Of Access, Single Source Of Truth

Ensure the currency and security of your data by never taking it out of its ecosystem. Gone are the days of emailing spreadsheets - now you can use any of our data enrichment and transformation tools and immediately share the data with your team or your tools from one central platform. Always work with the best version of your data.

Rally your entire team around the data
Namara as a single source of truth