An API built on SQL syntax for powerful & conventional querying

SQL Interface

Familiar query methods for immediate integration

NiQL's interface is based on SQL, meaning no downtime for learning. From complex queries with joins and aggregations to linking disparate datasets from any source on Namara in one familiar query. NiQL gives you all the power to interact with data like you would any SQL database.

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A comparison between SQL and NiQL syntax

Version Control

The data you need in the schema you expect

Query the data you want structured exactly how you need it with version control. NiQL allows for version-specific querying to ensure the data you’re querying is built on the expected schema, even if the current version has changed. Patient querying avoids 'data smell' by never querying on a version in the middle of an update.

Train algorithms on perfect data
Versioning for control over data

Open GIS Geospatial Queries

Powerful geospatial queries without heavy downtime

NiQL has powerful geospatial queries conforming to the OGC Open GIS standard. There’s no need to download and install another program for geospatial support, and no downtime in learning new software and deploying a new solution. With Open GIS-based query methods accessible through NiQL, geospatial computing becomes a breeze.

OGC Open GIS queries