AI & Machine Learning

Train models on the widest and best sources of data

Training With Real-World Data

Strengthen algorithms against the largest repository

Harden your algorithms against data from everywhere. Through Namara, we’re pulling data on an endless number of topics from sources all over the world, giving you access to the largest repository of publicly available data anywhere. Start streaming data and give your AI solutions a reality check.

See the world of external data
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Setting A Standard For Your Models

Consistent format, accessible data

The adage of “garbage in, garbage out” has never been more true than with AI and Machine Learning. With Namara putting the data you want in the format you need, you never have to battle with your data to make it work inside your algorithms. Get data that’s consistent and accessible.

Any data in any format - even your own
A symmetrical weave

public, private, and partner data on Namara

The best source of external data


See Under The Hood

Consistent format, accessible data

Namara is designed for the best and clearest data visibility. We’re using intelligent software to monitor the data flowing through the platform to maintain data integrity.

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