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Namara is an end-to-end solution for solving data variety - fast, lightweight, and accessible. Get the most data and get the most out of it.

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Data Shouldn't Be A Four-Letter Word

Most companies are worried about a talent shortage when it comes to data, but the root of the problem is a strategy shortage. Data variety is an obstacle for everyone, no matter how large the team.

You need a data management solution that:
  • neutralizes data variety automatically, regardless of the source
  • has the lowest barrier to entry on a host of data science tools
  • scales with your data, your needs, and your team
  • gives access to everybody who needs it and limits those who don’t
  • is fully managed and integrated
  • creates optimized and automated workstreams, and
  • lets you work with data instead of for it.
You need mission control for your data.
You need Namara.

Data Scientists Are Scientists

So why do we keep sending them down the mines?

Give data professionals the tools to experiment and create solutions because right now they are mired in sourcing and cleansing data and it shows. Finding and preparing data is the most time-consuming and least enjoyable part of a data scientist's job. Minimize lost time and maximize your data team.

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The Most Accessible Data

Namara is your gateway to streaming data from everywhere, inside and outside of your organization. Data discovery is easy - navigate to the Marketplace and browse over 250,000 datasets from thousands of sources around the world. Signing up to Namara gets you immediate access to open, public, and exclusive data feeds, constantly and consistently updated, available in any format.

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The Ultimate Data Workbench

All of your data living in one place side-by-side with trillions of data points from over 3,500 sources. Consistent updates, a single-source-of-truth and pure and secure collaboration. Namara allows users to import, enrich and integrate data through clean, intuitive workflows. Everything on Namara is normalized and accessible. Get back the time that's been lost to "tool transfer" and put it toward better data products.

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