The smartest configurable ETL purpose-built to handle data variety efficiently

Automated and Configurable

An automated ETL pipeline with flexibility at its core

Customize every part of the process from a single config file to get your data ingested exactly the way you need - or, don’t lift a finger. With Ingester, you get both intelligent data processing with minimal human effort and declarative, explicit configuration for when you need a custom solution. It’s as configurable as you need.

Blend & enrich your data with any other data
Data sets generated with config or no config

Streaming and Cloud-Scalable

The cloud-ready architecture for data ingest

Data ingest is notorious for being a memory hog - but using Ingester, you get top-tier performance and efficient use of bandwidth. Concurrent jobs have no impact on each other, and tasks are delegated proportionally so that all jobs done as one operation finish faster than they would consecutively. Get better efficiency through cloud-based solutions.

Imported data streaming into a data set

Raw Data In, Queryable Data Out

Creating an ideal format for reading, storage, and access

Our format-agnostic pipeline takes any structured data and creates perfect, queryable, standardized data with no configuration necessary. The output is smaller than the sum of its parts - the resulting Parquet file is optimized and compressed. Turn any data into readable, queryable, and lightweight products.

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Data being cleaned up

Why Namara Ingester?

At ThinkData, we’re the heaviest users of our own ingest pipeline. Our incredibly lean data ingest team brings in over 250,000 datasets, with more coming every day, so we know what it takes: a scalable, automated pipeline with a small footprint that’s more efficient than typical ETL tools. Perform ingest and feature engineering all at once. Ingester enables agile data science teams - it’s light on computation, lighter on human demands, with no PhD required.

Feature Ingester Talend Nifi
On Premise
Rapid Setup
Config Prediction
Lazy Operations
Unified Config
Requires a Team