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Open Data

Every open data portal under one roof

Open data is the foundation on which ThinkData built Namara - we created a central hub for the data released through government portals. While we started there, our offerings have extended to any open data from federal, regional, and municipal governments and ministries around the world, as well as a host of NGOs and institutions.

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Public Data

Unprecedented access to data from anywhere

Beyond open data, there is a world of freely available data coming from organizations and companies everywhere that has incredible potential - but only when it’s accessible. Stop wasting time searching for and connecting to wild data. Fuel solutions with data streaming in from sources that were impossible to manage before Namara.

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Channel Partnership Data

Exclusive access to data from companies in every sector

Businesses and organizations are learning the value of their data, but there hasn’t been a way to share it securely and easily - until now. ThinkData Works forms a bridge between those who have data and those who need it. Namara offers access to high-value data that would otherwise remain hidden to the world.

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