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Data Catalog Platform
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Calculate your ROI

Need to know what benefit a catalog solution could offer you? Find out with our calculator.

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Deliver insights

Discover new revenue opportunities with secure data delivery

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Data Governance Essentials Kit

Level up your data governance program with interactive guides and webinars from industry data leaders.

Data catalog with automatic warehouse discovery and virtualization

Catalog, virtualize, and govern to grow

Secure self-serve access is possible with ThinkData Works. Enable modelling and analysis by managing and sharing your data easier than ever.

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“ThinkData Works provides our team with a central place for data access and discovery, reducing the overhead on researchers while enabling rapid data analysis and modelling.”

Fanny Sie, Roche

Fanny Sie

Strategic Healthcare Partner – AI & Digital Health at Roche

The best way to connect, manage, and share data

Data ecosystem

Connect and configure data from anywhere

Being data-driven is no longer optional. Make it happen on a platform that connects intelligently to any data, and integrates seamlessly into your data ecosystem.

Enriched Data

Enhance the value of every data point

Generating insights is the core of your data operation. Empower your team to build sophisticated data products from diverse sources and drive fast, consistent results.


Deliver data that drives new revenue

Distribute data anywhere — inside or outside your organization. Monitor quality and consistency, provide controlled, self-serve access, and track usage to uncover new revenue streams.

How it works

A data catalog platform for everything from discover to delivery

Connecting data and metadata on the ThinkData Works platform

We make data more available, usable, and valuable.

Varied sources, inconsistent formats, and an evolving compliance landscape make external data difficult to manage. Our platform is purpose-built to securely deliver data where it needs to be — inside or outside your organization — with:

  • flexible data connections
  • an intuitive catalog interface
  • a suite of data enrichment tools
Enriched data on the ThinkData Works catalog

We take care of the wrangling so you don’t have to.

Refining raw intelligence into insights can be labor-intensive. We make it easier for business and technical teams to get the most out of external data — without the headache. With ThinkData Works, you get:

  • more datasets from more data sources
  • richer data in every row and column
  • the tools to build powerful data products and linked datasets
Sharing to people and tools on the ThinkData Works catalog

We help you focus — and build — on what you do best.

By cutting out cumbersome processes, we help you unlock your data — and your team’s full potential. Immediately operationalize data and drive better bottom-line results with:

  • controlled, self-serve access to consistent data
  • reduced time-to-insights, shortened development cycles and fast go-to-market execution
  • a platform for data monetization and new revenue
Data strategy resource

Get more value from your data

This guide offers seven ways to make data better for your entire team, helping you get more efficient and more productive. Plus, get a free metadata template to use on every dataset.

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Graphic_500x300_Content _7 Ways


Go from data burden to data brilliance

Fuel ROI and growth

Are you sitting on a gold mine without even knowing it? ThinkData Works increases ROI by making your existing assets more usable.

Easily connect to additional sources through our diverse data marketplace. Or monetize your own data and drive revenue growth.

Collaborate better

You can’t innovate if you don’t collaborate. But you also need to keep data from winding up in the wrong hands.

With ThinkData Works your people get easy access to the data they need — and you get full, custom control and revocability.

See more clearly

Full visibility helps you track usage, reduce duplicate spend and have more confidence in your data.

Eliminate gaps and redundancies, work from a single source of truth, and get a clear picture of data health and update intelligence.

Reduce risk

Data protection and privacy are critical — and remote and hybrid work add pressure to the system.

ThinkData Works improves data observability and security of access, and enables data governance and compliance.


Integrate seamlessly with your existing data ecosystem

Bring any data anywhere. Direct connectors, streamlined queries, and a robust, expressive API let you bring data to life in analytics, visualizations, and business intelligence applications.

Ready to make data your superpower?

Talk to our team to see how the most successful companies are cutting overhead, fueling innovation, and driving revenue growth with data.

Connected data on the ThinkData Works data catalog platform