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Modern Slavery Statement


About ThinkData Works

Founded in 2014, ThinkData Works helps organizations turn any data into fuel for their business. Whether sourcing new streams of public data or transforming existing internal information, ThinkData’s Platform and its Data Marketplace act as a data refinery and catalog enabling data discovery, governance and monetization of data. With offices in Toronto, Canada and London, UK, ThinkData Works connects to 3,500 data sources in more than 100 countries.


In accordance to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, ThinkData Works is committed to preventing slavery and has a zero tolerance standard within the business and its supply chain operations. ThinkData Works acknowledges the importance of operating in a manner that complies with the Modern Slavery Act and understands that ongoing efforts and audits of the company are necessary. ThinkData Works will not enter into business with any companies or organzations that are involved in any form of slavery and human trafficking.


ThinkData Works operates in a way that eliminates modern slavery and human trafficking. These operations are enforced by the policies that the company has established. As per the organization's code of ethics document, ThinkData Works makes it clear that we understand our responsibility to adhere to high ethical standards and good practices. The code of ethics influences how ThinkData Works does business including selecting ethical supply chain partners. ThinkData Works also has an employee handbook which details the proper protocol and behaviour that employees must display. ThinkData Works does not tolerate any conduct that will create a negative internal or external environment.

Due Diligence

The majority of the work completed by ThinkData Works is done in-house which mitigates the risk of modern slavery as the supply chain is very minimal. In any situation where ThinkData Works is taking on a new vendor or third party partner, background research on the company is completed prior to ensure that the company does not partake in any form of modern slavery and that third parties have their own due diligence process as well. ThinkData Works takes this step of our partnership process very seriously and views it in high regard.

Supply Chain

ThinkData Works has a range of suppliers that source data for them and support their operations. Our supply chain is composed of data partners as well as additional external vendors. ThinkData Works does not and will not work with suppliers that fail to meet proper slavery and human trafficking standards.


ThinkData Works understands that training on these measures is essential for all employees to ensure that modern slavery risks are identified. During monthly town hall sessions, any risks regarding modern slavery and reminders about the importance of eliminating it are communicated with employees. New employees are instructed on ThinkData Works’ measures regarding modern slavery during their onboarding to ensure that they clearly understand the importance of this subject and do not compromise ThinkData Works’s current operations.

Moving Forward

ThinkData Works will continue to asses its processes and procedures to mitigate and eliminate any risk of modern slavery and or human trafficking within its present and future business operations including its supply chain.

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