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Reliable data gathering from portals, buckets, and warehouses all across the internet, accessible through a single repository.



Our ETL is trained on 250,000 open datasets, and neutralizes variety on ingest for improved quality and usability.



Custom data health monitoring tools allow ThinkData Works to keep connections, schemas, and intelligence up to date.



A massive searchable index for data discovery. Browse our data, see live samples, and connect to it on our catalog platform.

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Incredible diversity

3500 unique sources under one roof. Get unbiased results and train ethical AI using data from a variety of data providers.


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Combing through government portals and building manual scrapers is a massive resource drain. Find the data you need faster.


Custom solutions

ThinkData Works provides industry-best services to deliver custom data products. Start using project-perfect, tailored datasets.

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We are market experts — our enterprise client network allows us to connect high-value data products to ideal customers.

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ThinkData Works delivers custom data solutions to some of the world’s largest companies. Book a consultation to turn analytics aspirations into delivered data.

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