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There's no "I" in data

Leading the charge in external data catalogs

ThinkData is creating the fastest, most efficient solutions to the problems of data variety. Our platform allows our clients to access and collaborate on standardized data, to blend and enrich their own data, and to integrate the finished product into any analytics or business intelligence solution. We are the bridge between people who have data and those who can use it to power decision science – a standard gateway for organizations to power their decision science with clean, accessible data.

Since 2014, we've been developing industry-leading tech that's built by data professionals for data professionals.

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Our Team

Our company is comprised of thinkers, doers, coders, climbers, rockers, talkers, and everything in between. Speaking a combined 20 languages, we're a team with a broad range of experiences, education, and skills. Our diversity is our greatest strength.

Never shying away from bleeding-edge technology, we find and build the best tools for managing data at every stage of the lifecycle. The TDW Team goes through the same challenges as any data professional, and we build the tools to tackle those challenges – handling more than 250,000 datasets means we need highest possible efficiency, lowest possible downtime, and scalable tooling to streamline and automate the most complex problems faced by data professionals.

The people at ThinkData are committed to serving out the best possible tools for everything data.

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Our Investors

MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund

"AI needs data - Himalayas of data that can be fed into algorithms to improve logic and performance. This boom in artificial intelligence is turning on the taps, but ThinkData has built the plumbing and filled one of the largest reservoirs in the world with usable data."

MaRS IAF Portfolio

Extreme Venture Partners

"In the last decade, the world's most important companies have become experts in data - its capture, its analytics, and its use. ThinkData's platform unlocks this capability for all the companies out there that need to play catch up. We bet early on these guys because they had a sobering idea: data needs to be as accessible as tap water. Companies need to be able to turn on the faucet and watch the data flow."

EVP Portfolio

First Ascent Ventures

"Our investment in ThinkData reflects our belief that the main source of value to the enterprise today is data. The ThinkData platform allows its customers to unlock the potential of their own data, and layer in new sources to generate actionable insights."

First Ascent Portfolio

Yaletown Partners

"The Namara platform is a game changer for data scientists, it lets them pull together clean data and find insights from a combined pool where the sum is far greater than the parts."

Yaletown Partners Portfolio

BDC Capital Inc

"For ThinkData to have won customers of such a high caliber and sophistication speaks to the quality of the platform and technology. The fact that demand for their solution has only increased despite the concerns around the current economic uncertainty demonstrates the value the company can unlock for customers.”

BDC ICE Portfolio