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Data Catalog Platform
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Discover new revenue opportunities with secure data delivery

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Data Governance Essentials Kit

Level up your data governance program with interactive guides and webinars from industry data leaders.


An intelligent supply chain is your competitive advantage

Leverage outside data, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Prevent future disruptions, identify alternative suppliers when you need them most, and unlock value through optimization.

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“We are very excited to solve concrete problems through digital innovation.”

Megan Hunter headshot

Megan Hunter

Executive Vice President of Procurement and Supply Chain Operations at Martinrea International


Supply Chain Resiliency Platform


Create a Digital Model

Generate a digital twin of your supply chain to visualize, model, stress test, and explore new strategies for management and optimization.


Identify External Threats

Receive real-time alerts on global events with recommended actions to mitigate risks. Your competitors are responding to changes — stay one step ahead and prevent disruptions.

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Unlock Impactful Optimizations

Get exposure to new suppliers, build critical redundancies, and identify new opportunities to improve efficiency.

HubSpot Video

Understand our solution

ThinkData Works Co-founder and CEO, Bryan Smith, talks with President of Palantir Technologies Canada, David MacNaughton, and Boom and Bust host, Tony Clement, to discuss in real terms how new data and analysis can strengthen your supply chains and prepare your organization for turbulence.


Innovation through data & analytics

External Data

Leverage connections to live datasets that introduce supplier catalogs, trade data, and logistics performance.

AI Recommendations

Automation and machine learning deliver specific insights and actions to mitigate risks and improve performance.

Global Monitoring

Get real-time alerts on abnormal supply-and-demand fluctuations, weather events, geo-political impacts, and more.

Dashboard Management

Engage with your supply chain model, stay informed, and move from reactive to predictive with a single-pane view.

Need supply chain insights today?

Let us help you close your gaps and safeguard your supply chain against disruptions. Find out what our Supply Chain Resiliency Platform can do for your organization.

A simplified screenshot of an organization's data catalog on the ThinkData Works Platform