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A Central Connection To Data From Everywhere

Connecting to portals on different websites in different ways is not a sustainable, scalable approach to accessing data from the outside world. ThinkData has brought over 250,000 datasets from countries everywhere into one environment for users to drive insight and enrich data within their organizations.

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Control The Flow Of Data In Your Organization

Namara allows you to control data access easily and gives you security by design. Bring internal data into a private cloud deployment and be in control with role-based permissions for data management. Grant access only to the people who need it, and get visibility into your team and the data they use.

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Your Team Connected By Data

With data flowing through Namara, synchronize your team and enable everybody to work from the same version of the data. With your entire team working from a single source of truth, you can be sure that the data you need is always secure, accessible, and up-to-date.

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A Standard Way To Integrate

The entire Namara catalogue is accessible via API, and queryable using NiQL, a SQL-based query language. That means your team gets perfect, current data integrated seamlessly into any BI and analytics tool you use, with all the familiarity of a query language they already know.

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