Role Management

Elegant solutions for access management

Security Through Simplicity

Manage access to data in a few simple clicks, and know that your data is safe in the hands of the people who need it and nobody else. Control the flow of data throughout your organization like never before - and no more emailing spreadsheets. With Namara, it’s easier, smarter, and safer to collaborate on data.

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simple data admin and improved efficiency

Manage your team & your data with ease


Role-Based Permissions & Access

Namara’s permissions are more than just an on/off switch. Within your organization, control permissions user-by-user and project-by-project - who can see what, who can change API keys, or who can remove the data from a project - and easily look into permissions assignments to see which members can make changes.

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Monitors showing roles with different permissions

Control For Compliance

Namara allows for setting row- and column-level permissions on the data. Ensure compliance with regulations in any region, such as the GDPR, by granting specific access to specific users and preventing even a single data point from going where it shouldn’t. ThinkData gives you unrivalled, granular control over data permissions.

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