Data Normalization

The gold standard for data

Solving For Data Variety Is Our Mission

When you’re able to combine datasets, they become greater than the sum of their parts; but with data in the wild, there are fundamental differences in the structures, formats, and quality. Every single data point flowing through Namara is normalized, neutralized, and standardized, meaning that integrating external data and enriching your own datasets has never been easier.

Create solutions built on any data
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Purpose-Built Products

Data is in our DNA - every single one of Namara’s pillars is purpose-built to make data more accessible, more usable, and more useful. How do we know? We’re data professionals, too. At the end of the day, we’ve created this suite of data science tools not just to meet client demands, but to meet our own needs as well:

Unshackle Your Data Team

The fact is simple - statistically, your data scientists spend most of their days finding, cleansing, normalizing, and formatting data before they’ve even started using it. Get more time spent creating solutions built on your data + more data with Namara.

Access external data from over 3500 sources