Entity resolution powered by the most advanced automation

Create Master Data Records

Relate datasets and the information they hold with er²

By creating unique IDs and relating otherwise disparate data, er² can merge records from multiple datasets. Additionally, it allows for the integration of external data with simple yet robust ways of linking records. Master Data Management becomes fast, scalable, and automated, unlocking the ability to append, merge, and enrich data based on generated keys.

An illustration of record linkage

Relate Disparate Data

Create perfect data easily

er² is cutting-edge data relationship management technology that, using semantic matching, lexical matching, and Natural Language Processing (NLP), finds ways of linking records faster and merging disparate data easier than ever before. Deduplicate and link records to create powerful and robust Master Data Records.

Linking two disparate products to create one greater

A Macro View Of Data Relationships

Manage and reveal the complex relationships between your data

Matching data on one level is useful. Creating ties and structures that describe the relationship between linked datasets opens a world of valuable insights. From simple parent-child relationships to an entire web of various connections forming a virtual knowledge graph of connections, er² manages and reveals the complex relationships between your data.

Create master data records

more power to your solutions

Your Data + More Data


Resolve Entities

Data is littered with duplicate information across assets. In order to derive any value from data from a variety of sources, you need a system for Entity Resolution in order to create a single lens view. We use the most advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve this problem.

  • Customize and Configure

    Customize & Configure

    er² adapts to your specific needs. Both Machine Learning and rule-based matching are available to meet any project requirements.

  • Cloud-scaling technology


    No matter the size of the project, get the tools and resources to run it efficiently. As needs grow, er² scales up to deliver consistent performance.

  • Fast querying

    Query Faster

    er² offers the most efficient, state-of-the-art indexing query methods, optimized to give you the fastest query time, the fastest build time, and the fastest recall possible.