The Data Lifecycle

ThinkData Works creates the tools, framework, and platform to unlock the potential in data from any source.

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    Tucked away in portals across the internet, in different formats, with bad headers, strange encoding, and more – the world of data can be treacherous, and every data professional knows that it's not all glitz and glam.

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    We want to help data scientists be data scientists while improving outcomes for all of your digital projects. Get reliable, neutralized data and the tools to turn it into insight that can power any solution across any industry.

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    We're improving the usability of every single data point and creating a better, friendlier ecosystem for data professionals. At ThinkData, we connect the data you want, the tools you need, and every member of your team.

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The Data Journey

  • Find

    Searching for data isn't the same as searching for a recipe. While dataset searches exist, it can be difficult to tie the datasets themselves to their potential applications. Even after extensive searching, you need to get insight into the data to make sure it fits your problem statement.

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  • Access

    Once you've found the data you want, the work has only just begun. Navigating complicated portals, all with different methods of access, becomes incredibly tedious when connecting to a larger number of external sources. Data can come in different formats, all with unique access points, complicated licenses, and many more complicating factors.

  • Monitor

    Now that you know how to connect to the data, you need to have a system for re-gathering that data whenever there are updates pushed to it. Not only can the size, schema, and values change, but in fact, the whole method for acquiring the data can change.

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Harnessing the data

Access & distribution control

The data inside your organization has to have an access and distribution mechanism – simply put, you need to be able to put up-to-date data in the hands of the people who need it. Determine who can change the data and the connection to it, who should have simple read-only access, and who needs access that's limited just to specific columns.

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Transforming data is key to being able to use it. The format, columns, units, even something as simple as the way an address is expressed, can vary immensely from file to file, and can cripple your productivity. You need to connect data from static sources, drive a standard schema on related but disparate datasets, reformat values, and write custom scripts to create an ideal data product.

Entity Resolution

Entity resolution is the key to achieving standardization across all of your data products. Records linked on unique identifiers for addresses or company names allow for clean, deduplicated records, and give you the clearest picture of the data. Link records based on ML-trained deduplication and the most scalable & efficient enterprise entity resolution.

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Data lineage & auditing

Ensuring the health and consistency of data is critical to launching and maintaining successful projects. On top of that, you need to be able to trace the transformations through your organization and over time to ensure everybody is working from the same version of the data – and if not, you need to know why. Trace the data and the changes from ingest to delivery, and connect your data and your team better than ever.

Using the data

Data Integration

The data looks the way you want, and now it needs to exist in a dynamic environment that opens up the potential for the greatest possible access, action, and insights. It needs to be ready to plug directly into any analytics and BI solution.

Namara makes it easy to flow data into IDEs like Jupyter Notebooks or RStudio, intelligence platforms like Salesforce or Power BI, and visualization tools like Tableau or Mapbox.

Integrate the data

Data Delivery

Static files aren't what you want anywhere else in the pipeline, so why would you want them as your final product? Your data should flow freely, through any transformation and across updates, into a solution that can show realtime changes.

Pull dynamic data directly into your solutions using familiar SQL syntax with our API powered by NiQL – the Query Language.

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Powering AI & ML Solutions

Creating effective, real-world solutions with AI depends on data that's both predictable structure and high-fidelity. Training AI requires rigid structures, but the content within the datasets needs to be real-world data, or else you'll come up against the all-too-common disparity between training results and practical outcomes.

Fuel your AI products with data

ThinkData employees solving data problems