Give hackers the tools they need with Namara

What is a hackathon?

Hackathons bring together people from any number of disciplines (programmers, designers, project managers, and problem-solvers in general) to intensively collaborate on a defined problem area or theme. With a specific problem to solve, "hackers" (participants) spend the duration of the hackathon ideating and developing a solution. Since hackathons are sprint-like events, often taking place over a 48-hour period, there is a limited amount of time for the hackers to come up with applicable ideas.

How is ThinkData involved?

Namara provides a platform for hackers to collaborate on data projects, and ThinkData Works is proud to sponsor hackathons by providing both open data and custom catalogues, depending on the needs of the organizers and hackers. Simply, we want to make sourcing and collaborating on data as easy as possible, so that hackers can focus on developing better solutions.

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    Data, Delivered

    The first 24 hours of a hackathon is often sunk into finding data. Get that time back, and give hackers the opportunity to build smarter apps and solutions quicker.

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    Single Point Of Access

    Let teams collaborate on data from a single platform. Namara provides both analytical features and an open API, letting teams plug into any data instantly.

  • Thousands of sources, limitless potential

    Open Data & Custom Catalogues

    Use Namara as a source for open data, or work with our team to build a custom catalogue of data specifically tooled towards the hackathon.

Supercharge Your Hackathon
  • Thousands of sources in one place

    Namara's Data Marketplace provides instant access to data from thousands of government sources

  • Data streaming in and out of the platform

    Effortlessly plug into standard data through open APIs - or analyze it directly through Namara

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    Give hackers the tools they need to get more creative, build better apps, and solve bigger problems.